UX Design iterations for Lmahoney.com
  • Learn to create a website using HTML and CSS, photo gallery, forms...
  • Create different galleries for artwork portfolio, photos
  • Provide access for ux resume and portfolio
  • Accessible design, font, color, alt text...
Lmahoney welcome image
look left arrow image Welcome Page
Keeping the index page simple it includes only the header, footer and one featured image.

This feature will be any image that inspires or entertains

When all galleries are complete, these featured images will link to the appropriate page. For now the user is urged to delve deeper into the site by the header.
gallery page example
look left arrow image Gallery Pages
Gallery includes accordion left nav, default main image, image title/description text and eight thumbnail images.

If a sideshow has more than eight images, the far left and right thumbnail images will become a previous and next arrow link - seen below with other site assets.
color palette image
look left arrow Current Appearance Specs
    1024 x 660 px 960 grid system 5, 185 px columns 5 px gutters

Font Specs
    Trebuchet, Arial, San Serif contrast ratio 4.5 or more

Keep grid specs to multiples of 5 pixels as possible.
Consider contrast ratio as you choose your color palette
Design to view on iPad
global header itterations
look left arrow Header Iterations
Created a logo that would work for diverse projects..
    website resume/business cards fine art signature holiday projects

1.  Dividing functional areas visually simplifies. Using hand drawn rules keeps the feeling casual and friendly.
2.  Using the full name was too much for all projects.
3.  Added web-safe color bar and icons indicating different states to the users.
4.  Enabled
5.  Hover/Rollover
6.  Selected/Active
This "L" is my signature initial. Shape held within the "L" is a logo created years ago, for collaborative pieces created by my mother & me for our family and close friends.
7.  This sprite is the latest iteration.
left navigation iterations
look left arrow image Left Navigation
A lesson in accordion menus

8.  Color indicating state of navigation. Red is the selected state, blue is rollover
9.  To strengthen hover state and bring consistency to navigation, the color bar has been repeated. Because the is only on hover, it doesn't conflict with gallery images
Lmahoney welcome image
look left arrow image Contact Form

10.  A typical form seemed too traditional for this site. There must be a way to use this image but not see text fields on top. This is yet to be figured out.
11.  To soften the look, the text fields have rounded corners. My thanks go to "moz-border" and "webkit-border" CSS. (Still waiting for IE).
Lmahoney welcome image
look left arrow image Asset Iterations

    division banners

    previous next empty thumbnail images

    address book background enabled submit button rollover submit button

15.  & MORE
    division banner headline banner