Site Refresh
  • Update, simplify and improve ease of use for the customer
  • Work with a diverse team of creative and marketing associates
  • Aim for consistency of the overall user experience, keeping in mind jcpenney brand and marketing strategy
  • Improve readability and accessibility
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look left arrow image Global Header  
Created a visual hierarchy to help our customer find products and services.
Simplified and condensed navigation to a more customer friendly language.
Consistency brought predictable interaction to the site. Customers learn where to find features and functions within more quickly.  
A consistent design unifies a cross-channel experience - stores, .com and catalog. It also allows re-use of creative assets and code.  
Refreshed navigation and assets without disturbing existing infrastructure.
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look left arrow image Color Palette  
An important first step in designing any campaign for web is creating your color palette. Be sure the text colors you choose will be compliant with contrast ratio standards.  
This palette is shared with any and all involved. Creative designers, marketing, outside vendors, associated sites and syndicated partners.  
Although it was figured in to these color choices, the contrast ratios are not listed.
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look left arrow Left Navigation  
Category navigation was altered only to the new color palette.  
Search used the new palette but be came a filtering nav.  
Browsing within migrates to filtering navigation in a later release.
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look left arrow Appearance Guidelines
Created User Experience Guidelines, including style guide elements for the Site Refresh look and feel.
These appearance style guides are created for IT to reference as they code the site.
Design Team
    user-centered design customer research teams