Once upon a time, long long ago in the woods of the Land of Lar, a girl lay on a blanket
writing in her journal. Well, she wasn’t exactly writing, she was doodling, day dreaming,
thinking of things that made her happy and of all the possibilities to come…

All are welcome in the Land of Lar.

Enter with an open mind… at your own risk… of pleasure.

division line

In the summer of 2009, as Laurie Mahoney strolled through the SoCo artists’ market (South Congress, Austin, TX), she came upon a small booth filled with fuzzy little “one eyed monsters”. She hovered over the table, unable to tear herself away.

“Which ones should I take home with me?”

As she held a blue, three legged creature, an arm fell off. The maker of the monsters, took out a specially barbed needle, put the arm back where it belonged, poked the fiber a few times - it was good to go!

“Wow! I can do that.”

Since then Laurie has created a variety of her own creatures - bugs, snowmen, kitties, abstract magnets - most of which she has given away as gifts. One of them, a snail, inspired an image of clouds that became a three foot wide “painting”.

The latest piece shown below, Day Dream Doodle, was created between May of 2010 and June 2011. Other pieces were completed within that same period, but it is a slow process. One spiral takes at least thirty minutes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. She hopes you will enjoy the works as much as she enjoys creating them.

featured image
frog on a mossy rock 2009
frog on a mossy rock 2009
snail on a hand 2009
snail of inspiration 2009
sun setting over the ocean 2009
sun-daze 2009