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LMahoney • User Experience Visual Designer • Dallas, Texas

Seasoned creative professional that is committed to designing user interfaces that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are usable. Believes the user experience designer is the voice of the user, responsible for ensuring the best possible experience while balancing business goals and user needs. An organized, proactive team player that strives to maintain a positive working environment by collaborating with both internal and external design and technical teams, to design and implement successful experiences.


• Experienced with a variety of design tools, including Adobe Creative Suite 5 - Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver
• Excellent project management and communication skills for supporting client partners and collaborating with all levels of the organization
• Leverages design skills and user experience knowledge, to serve as user’s advocate
• Lead projects in conjunction with the creative director and senior team members
• Design composites, creative storyboards, style guides, and UI documentation for providing detailed specifications for developers
• Practiced UX designer, with knowledge of usability principles and techniques. Providing fast turnaround of actionable insights and design recommendations
• Experience with creating HTML and CSS prototypes for usability testing
• Promotes a creative culture through educating, inspiring and developing group skills, along with a determination to execute great interactive work
• Provides design input and ideas for creative solutions for technical limitations
• A blend of technical and design skills